California Rooted. Globally Inspired.

Both classic technique and natural instinct shape our creations. Made to intrigue and satisfy, our food delivers bold flavors and balance in each bite. We strive to captivate our clients by marrying the familiar with the exotic to cultivate flavors that are attractive to daring and traditional palates alike.

We focus on ingredients that are seasonally fresh and locally sourced. Our purveyors are some of the finest in the Bay Area, providing us with the tools to handcraft an artisan meal from start to finish.

We respect nutritional preferences and maintain high standards with dietary accommodations including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and more. There is no menu that cannot be expertly tailored to meet your needs.

California Rooted. Globally Inspired.

Smart + Healthy = Happy

Each day, Nourish Inc.’s expert in-house chefs design their menus based on the highest possible percentage of seasonally available organic, non-GMO ingredients. This leads to an immense variety of fresh, healthy meals with an emphasis on vegetable-forward dishes that will delight all of your employees regardless of dietary restrictions. Our customer success team then tracks and analyzes the opinions of your workforce to ensure that the management of your food program is both collaborative and simple.

Nourish Inc. is the new brand for the corporate daily dining division of Rebecca Jean Catering. Founded by Rebecca Jean Alonzi in 2010, this company has organically boot-strapped every bit of its impressive growth through a proven track record for delicious products and satisfied clients. Contact us today to schedule your in-office tasting.

Real Food is Sexy is a global conversation about food, health, and vitality

Real Food is Sexy is a place for you to share your story about eating Real. When we eat Real, we embrace the fullest possibility of health and vitality…and nothing is sexier than a body that is fully optimized for life. ‘Real Food’ is defined as anything as close to its natural state as possible. Thinking about having a fruit snack? How about an apple. Hamburger? Grass-fed and sustainably raised, of course! Real Food doesn’t come in bag or a box, it’s made by you or another human. This is the story of humans embracing their Real life potential by making the the choice every day to EAT REAL and live life to the fullest.


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