Changing The World One Plate At A Time

I didn’t stumble into this mission by chance. I was chosen.


I grew up in an ordinary American household.  And by ordinary, I mean my parents divorced when I was 6, my dad was overweight, my single mom struggled to make ends meet and we ate a lot of junk food.  My big accomplishment at age 9 was baking biscuits from scratch and using the oven to heat my own chicken nuggets.

I tasted freedom (and delicious home-cooked food) for the first time when I was 15.  I was working full-time in a gourmet market and collecting a paycheck that allowed me to purchase fresh ingredients.  I discovered savory recipes through a friend – ‘food formulas’ that produced consist and delicious results!  My passion to cook was ignited.

My life came screeching to a halt when I was 19 and got diagnosed with an “incurable” autoimmune digestive disorder that had me down to 105 lbs and hospitalized for months.  Doctors said “food had nothing to do with it.”  In an act of desperation to save my own life, I tried ‘food as medicine.’  When my body miraculously healed, the call to deliver this break-through to the world rang loud and clear.

High on the excitement of a second chance at living, I trained professionally under a Michelin-starred chef.  I cooked non-stop in my apartment.  I worked as a private chef.  I approach healthy eating from all angles, knowing that change in the food system would only occur if the change was delicious.  I began developing my ‘real food formula’ – a set of best practices and operational directives that would give rise first to Rebecca Jean Catering and later Nourish Inc.

In the beginning, it was just me in a Toyota corolla, filled with carrots.  I quit my job and dropped out of school to start my company following the 2009 recession.  People thought I was crazy and my parents were less than thrilled.  I boot-strapped everything with just a few thousand of my own dollars in the bank, which meant that we had to be profitable from day one.  

We were first to market serving healthy food in the workplace – providing food daily for the most innovative companies in the world. Scaling came naturally (and quickly) as word of our quality and values spread. Still, we remain self-funded.  This year, we’ll serve over 3 million meals in the SF Bay Area and over a 1.5 million pounds of fresh vegetables.

So, what’s next?  Delivering real food to the masses has always been core to my mission.  I know first hand how a lack of time and options can affect a family and even our individual livelihood.  My next move is to bring real food to the nation.  My team and I have been cooking up some fresh new concepts that I can’t wait to share.  I am honored and excited to be on this journey with you.

Yours in health and service,

Rebecca Jean


We look forward to hearing from you.

What does Real Food mean to me?

Real food is food that is grown in the earth, picked by a hand and prepared with care to fuel your body with flavor.  Real food doesn’t come from a bag or a box or a can.  Real food is made with an unfaltering commitment to quality, from ingredient, to culinary technique to service.  Real food tastes the way you want it to – and feeds your cells in a way that has you feeling most alive.

Culinary Ethos:
  • We are artisan quality at scale, served with care
  • Our food is made by hand in service of people and the planet
  • Most any dish can be made delicious and nutritious – healthfulness is based on product quality not food type.
  • Flavor first – we win as a team when our values taste delicious.
  • We are thought leaders when it comes to food and work to continually evolve our product
  • We believe everyone has a right to eat freely – we provide transparency in labeling and offer equally delicious preparations using creative ingredients for special diets
  • We believe in the innate wisdom of our bodies to achieve vitality when fed the proper fuel for US – there is no one size fits all approach.
  • Our goal is optimized human potential, creating food that truly fuels health and performance.
  • Vegetables rule the land – we make vegetables taste good.  Straight up.
  • We kick additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers like MSG to the curb
  • We feed some of the most impactful technology companies in the bay area and likewise we utilize the technology to keep our culinary operations tight
  • We strive every day to change the food system and celebrate our wins, while continually working to innovate.



2015 Silver Stevie Award Winner: Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Services –11 to 2,500 Employees

Keynote speaker at 2015 Bon Appétech Conference in San Francisco where hundreds gathered to connect about the latest innovations in the food community.

Featured speaker at the 2015 AQUA conference.

2014 Bronze Stevie Award Winner: Entrepreneur of the Year & Fastest Growing Company

Rebecca Jean was featured in the 2014 Women’s Initiative for Self Employment’s Local Economic Paper for her outstanding business growth with the support of Women’s Initiative.

Graduate of the HIVE Global Leaders Program and speaker at 2014 Annual HIVE Conference: a program dedicated to bringing together global leaders who are working to create a better world.

Speaker at Kalu Yala 2014: Kalu Yala is a sustainable village built in a Panamanian river valley to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and modern day romantics.

Featured speaker at 2014 Opportunity Fund Gala and board meeting.

Featured speaker at 2014 Innovate Berkeley Dinner; Healthy Food Is Sexy! At this monthly dinner event, we gather thought leaders and changemakers to share ideas about Bay Area innovation and eat delicious, local cuisine. This event is organized by UIX Global – an economic development consulting agency that specializes in Program-Based Planning (PBP) to co-create innovation ecosystems rooted in sustainability and local culture, with an experiential approach. UIX Global’s local community engagement models are values-based, activities oriented, and culture driven, recognizing that creativity, cooperation, and civic engagement are the cornerstones of economic vitality. We are informed by Silicon Valley corporate innovation models and the emergent processes for innovation ecosystem development in San Francisco, which is pioneering integrated multi-sector, participatory, economic development engagements.

Rebecca Jean Catering was selected as a “tastemaker” and included at the 2014 Lexus Grand Tasting in San Francisco.

Rebecca Jean is one of Self spark’s business experts and panel guests.

Featured speaker at Tory Johnson’s 2013 Spark & Hustle Sales and Small Business Success panel: a female-focused entrepreneur panel moderated by Spark & Hustle program founder and Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson. Rebecca was chosen for the panel because of her passionate drive and industry savvy which has propelled the rapid growth of her company.

Winner of the 2013 7×7 Hot 20.

In 2013, Refinery29 featured Rebecca Jean Catering as their “local entertainment expert” for their Valentine’s Day party DIY article.

Winner of the 2011 Women’s initiative for Self Employment, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, San Francisco.

Super Bowl 50 VIP Tailgate Party (2016)

Guidewire Picnic (2014, 2015)

Opportunity Fund Gala (2014, 2015)

Burning Man Artumnal Gala (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

Google Science Fair (2012)

Google Holiday Party @ Winchester Mystery House (2013)

SF Chefs Food & Wine Event (since 2009)

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